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A wide range of materials can be cut with our laser and an even wider range of materials can be etched. Most metals and ceramic materials cannot be cut, but they can be etched. The quality of the finish depends on the material, for example, Acrylic is an ideal material to be laser cut with a clean polished edge, whilst MDF, Plywood and other woods cut well with very sharp edge, but the edge will be black and may require cleaning if you require a cleaning if you are varnishing the wood.

Example of materials that can be used

> Acrylic
> Plywood
> Slate
> Styrene
> Coated Metals (Etching)
> Ceramic
> Melamine
> Paper
> Steel (Etching)
> Corian

If the material you require cutting is not listed then please call us to discuss a test cut of material.

We can then advise you as to the suitability of the materials cutting or etching and if our service is the best for you to use in your application.

Laser Cutting is a non contact form of machining that uses a laser beam to vaporise the material that it is cutting, leaving a clean flame polished edge - particularly on Acrylic panels, as the cut item is immediately ready for use.

The clean sharp cut given by laser cutting is superior to what can be achieved by a router and it bypasses the need for any secondary finishing such as scraping and flame polishing.  

Laser cutting produce great quality work at a fraction of time compared with other conventional cutting methods.

Our 150w laser is capable of cutting highly intricate patterns out of sheets of up to 3 metre
 x 1.5 metres, or even longer than 3 metres if cut in a series of operations by feeding the material through the cutting area. With this power of laser cutter we can achieve a high quality, very accurate cut with a good finish straight off the machine in thicknesses of up to 30mm. 

Our laser is also capable of etching over the full 3M x 1.5M area. We can etch complex designs, photographs or logos into the surface of most materials. We can even etch around the curve of a cylindrical item, such as a drinking glass or a bottle.

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