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Quotes are calculated by estimating the scope of your job from the data you provide, and for us to give you a reasonably accurate quote for a job, you’ll need to send us your laser ready vector files and full job specification. We quote by estimating the time it will take to complete your job including all the drawing setup and laser cutting and engraving. Sometimes we also need to work on your drawings and develop your idea further so it’s ready for the laser. Then of course there are materials to consider – The same drawing will take a different time to cut or engrave from material to material.

Put simple,  it’s a how long is a piece of string scenario!

We need specific details to form a quote because we really need something to quote from. Ideally a laser ready file and from the information you supply we’ll be able to work out how long your job will take in full, this depends on any drawing / file amendment work we need to carry out, the material to be used and its setup cost in order to give you a quote.

Any Material costs will be supplied with the quotation

Sampling costs quoted on request

For the quote you can send your own drawing files to us via e-mail or our on-line link

we accept the following file formats:

Autocad - DWG
> Autocad - DXF
> Corel Draw
> Adobe Illustrator
> Jpeg, BMP


You can get a Rough Benchmark Cost to give you an idea of the likely cost before you contact us from the following information:

£60 per hour - this breaks down as:

Laser processing time
(Cutting & Engraving) - 45 minutes
 additional cutting time from £1.00 per minute – depending on job type we give a discounted rate for larger production jobs.

Setup time - 15 minutes

If files are setup correctly as per our guidelines no drawing time will apply but the job will need loading onto the system and the job will  likely require additional handling.
File development or complex cut management may incur additional costs.

We have a Minimum Cutting Charge of £45.00 + vat.

Can you cut the job yourself?

Unfortunately not, we don’t offer self service, and our machine is only operated by our trained staff, but you may help with the process under their guidance.

Drawing service

A Vector drawing service is available from £60.00 + vat

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